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Deep within the underground facility, an elevator could be seen descending to the ground level. Those within the facility looked over.

Gongenzaka asked, “Do you think that’s one of the Lancers.”

Sawatari explained, “It has to be... Damon was defeated by that Sergey Volkov guy, so it’s pretty much down to either Dennis or Kurosaki.”

Choujirou said, “All the more reason for you to work on getting back to the surface.”

The elevator reached the ground, with Tsukikage stealthfully slipping back into the shadows. The door opened, revealing a lone member of Security standing within.

Gallager shouted, “HEY! What are you doing here? I never called Roger about any of these guys.”

Ryuichi asked, “Are you questioning me?”

Gallager said, “This can’t be right.”

Ryuichi said, “Noboru Gongenzaka. I have a special assignment that requires your help.”

Sawatari shouted, “Why are you after HIM and not the great Sawatari!”

Gongenzaka then said, “What about Sawatari and Choujiro-san?”

Ryuichi said, “I’m sorry. They’re not involved in this assignment.”

Choujirou said, “Hang on. I think I’ve heard of him. He was the one who eventually arrested Sergey Volkov.”

Ryuichi said, “It was thanks to that feat that I was given permission to use my personal deck for Security activities.”

Gongenzaka then nodded, “Once I’m done with this, I’ll come back for both of you, and Tsukikage.”

Sawatari shouted, “You better get back here!”

Ryuichi said, “Don’t worry; I’ll personally free any Lancers down here once THEY arrive.”

Gallager asked, “Who is he talking about?”

Sawatari shouted, “HEY! By then it will be too late!”


Roger sat back and smiled. King’s Gambit was now in full effect. As he checked on various screens, he then came across one in particular, where he noticed someone from Security escorting someone away from the underground facility.

Roger said, “Hold on. That shouldn’t be right. All members of Security should be acting under King’s Gambit protocols.”

He then paced through a few more screens before he noticed something peculiar. “ERROR: Chaser 264 NOT FOUND”

Roger slammed his fist against his desk. A moment passed before he began laughing. “I think I see what’s happening. When he crossed dimensions, he must have fried his King’s Gambit chip. Oh well. Nothing I can’t strategize against. I’ll just send a few chasers to wait for him at his apartment.”


Ryuichi and Gongenzaka were both riding D-wheels out of the city. It was perfectly clear that something was going on, and Gongenzaka suddenly stopped. Noticing what was happening, Ryuichi went back to him.

Gongenzaka said, “I saw a few other members of Security acting strangely. Why weren’t you affected?”

Ryuichi said, “I got my King’s Gambit chip replaced with a fake about a year ago. Once I discovered King’s Gambit, I wanted to be the wild card that could mess with Roger’s head. Honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t figure out sooner. Since King’s Gambit is in effect, we have to go somewhere Roger can’t send his pawns.”

Gongenzaka asked, “And where’s that?”

Ryuichi grinned, “You’ll see soon enough.”


After a half-hour ride away from the City, Ryuichi and Gongenzaka arrived to a run-down place. Wooden planks could be seen covering houses, while a few holdouts ran inside. Many businesses were built to resemble buildings of the Old West.

Gongenzaka watched as he saw what appeared to be a tumbleweed cross the road.

Ryuichi said, “This is my hometown. The place used to be a bustling tourist attraction before the rise of Riding Duels. We had duel shows on a daily basis, and high-class accommodations for our customers. Our guests loved the place. Then came the advent of Riding Duels, and tourists no longer had any reason to come here, since they could catch all the excitement of our Duel Shows without leaving the City. When business dried up, we had no choice but to move to the City ourselves. The few people who came back here are often trying to escape from Commons and rebuild a new society out here.”

Gongenzaka frowned, “If Fusion Dimension attacks suddenly, we would need a half hour to get back to the City and save everyone.”

Ryuichi said, “You remember your duel with Crow Hogan? When you took part in that duel, he used a different variation of Synchro Summon. One that used only monsters that were already Synchro Monsters. Reiji Akaba gave me access to Pendulum Summon, but in exchange, I had to share the secret of Accel Synchro with one member of the Lancers, and I think you might just be able to learn it.”

Gongenzaka said, “I should have known Reiji put you up to this.”

Ryuichi nodded, “True, but without his involvement, I wouldn’t be teaching you how to perform Accel Synchro.”


Several members of Security searched through Ryuichi’s apartment, but it didn’t take long before they realized the place was already empty, as if someone expected that to be the first place they look. Suddenly, one of the officers found a note.

Roger is the real traitor. When we return, Roger and his allies from Academia will be brought to justice. And we promise to turn Security into the kind of organization it once was.

Meanwhile, Roger sat back in his chair. He knew Ryuichi had the facts and could indeed expose his ties to Academia, but didn’t realize Roger’s plans to break away and conquer on his own.


Ryuichi said, “At this point, you need to focus exclusively on the duel at hand, pushing aside all negativity. Trust me; the hardest part is to shove aside the negativity. It took a chance encounter during Academia’s attempted first wave for me to catch on. I never learned that stranger’s name, but his dueling demonstrated that it was my anger that held me back.”

Gongenzaka said, “Let go of your darkness and stand tall.”

Ryuichi said, “Good! Start by bringing out your first Synchro monster!”

Gongenzaka shouted, “SYNCHRO SUMMON!”

Ryuichi said, “You need a Synchro monster who is also a tuner!”

Gongenzaka took a deep breath and tried to get some idea in his head of a Synchro Monster that is also a tuner. At this moment, it all appeared to make sense to him. This was the evolution of Synchro Summon. He then paused and began to wonder how he would bring out all the necessary monsters at once. His first mistake.

Ryuichi shouted, “You lost your focus!”

After Gongenzaka slipped over, he explained, “I would need to bring out at least four monsters. How can I pull that off without Pendulum Summon.”

Ryuichi said, “Pendulum Summon will certainly help, but it’s not the only way to assemble the materials for your initial synchro summons.”

At that moment, someone else suddenly ran out, shouting, “THEY FOLLOWED ME HERE!!!”

Ryuichi then ran after the hysterical man, getting help from Gongenzaka cutting him off.

Ryuichi asked, “Who followed you here?”

The man said, “You guys did. First you raid our base, then you leave your jurisdiction to track me all the way to West Town.”

Ryuichi then noticed a box in his hand, before looking at his face.

Ryuichi said, “Verne? Is that you?”

Verne answered, “You know me?”

Ryuichi took off his helmet and said, “We left for the City together when we realized nobody was attending our dueling shows anymore. I wound up joining Security to help keep the peace, but it looks like you got mixed up with the Tarantulas.”

Verne said, “It all started when Sal got a call. Hotaru-san didn’t take the deck with her in case your buddies decided to take the deck and confiscate it. As far as the Tarantulas were concerned, the worst thing that could happen to cards we took was for it to wind up in some Security locker.”

Ryuichi said, “Roger didn’t have any issue with you before because he saw your illegal activities as beneficial to Tops. Any rare cards that find their way into Commons could be stolen by you and sold illegally to duelists from Tops. It was when you became a threat to his allies that he decided to go after you.”

Verne asked, “But Roger is your boss?”

Ryuichi said, “I’m still working out the details on a coup against Roger. Now, as for you, hand over the deck so I can return it to its rightful owner.”

Verne said, “You’ll have to duel me for it.”

Ryuichi said, “Gongenzaka, pay attention. I’ll try to demonstrate Accel Synchro for you at least once.”

Both of them then stood in the streets, with duel disks at their sides. The auto-shuffle function was triggered, but neither of them took any initiative to draw their opening hands.

Verne said, “Spectator! Make yourself useful and toss a coin or a pebble into the air. When it hits the ground, the first person to draw gets to go first.”

Gongenzaka said, “What?”

Ryuichi said, “Just like our old duel show days.”

Gongenzaka picked up a pebble and tossed it into the air. Moments later, the pebble hit the ground, both Ryuichi and Verne reached for their duel disks and drew their opening hands, with Verne being slightly faster.

Verne shouted, “I’ll start by activating the field spell, Westwood Saloon! Using its effect, I can draw a card once per turn, but then I have to put a card from my hand back on top. Next, I summon Westwood Sharpshooter - Annie. Annie’s effect activates! I draw a card and reveal it. If it’s a Westwood monster, I can Special Summon it. However, if it’s anything else, I have to discard it and take 500 damage.”

Gongenzaka shouted, “That’s a risky move. Or it would be, if not for this field spell.”

Verne then drew a card and held it up proudly, “Westwood Prospector - Jane! Jane’s effect activates. When she’s summoned by the effect of a Westwood monster, I can draw a card. Next, I tune my level six Jane with my level two Annie! SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL EIGHT! Westwood Sheriff - Wild Bill! I also leave a face-down card and end my turn.”

Ryuichi declared, “My turn! DRAW! First, I play Onset of the Chosen Heroes to bring Rogue of the Dragonstone to my hand. Next, I place my Scale 1 Archer of the Dragonstone and my Scale 4 Healer of the Dragonstone in the scales! Using my Archer’s Pendulum Effect, I can reduce the attack power of one opposing monster to 0, but my opponent gets to draw. Healer’s Pendulum effect activates. If my opponent draws by the effect of my Dragonstone card, I can draw 2. And now, PENDULUM SUMMON! Rogue of the Dragonstone and Sorcerer of the Dragonstone. Sorcerer’s effect! I destroy your face-down card.”

Verne interrupted, “Not so fast! I activate Fiendish Chain!”

Ryuichi said, “You wasted your face-down card to keep me from using Healer’s pendulum effect again. I tune my level three Sorcerer of the Dragonstone with my level three Rogue of the Dragonstone! SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL SIX! TEMPLAR OF THE DRAGONSTONE! Templar attacks Wild Bill! At this point, even if you still had a face-down card, it wouldn’t help.”

Templar of the Dragonstone lunged forward towards the sheriff. In a swift strike, Verne’s life points fell to 5200.

Ryuichi said, “When Templar inflicts battle damage, you get to draw. Healer’s Pendulum effect activates again.”

Verne asked, “Aren’t the other two planning to attack?”

Ryuichi answered, “While in the pendulum zones, Pendulum Monsters are treated as spell cards and not monsters. I set two face-down cards and end my turn.”

Verne shouted, “My turn! DRAW! I start with Galaxy Cyclone, to destroy one of your face-down cards.”

Ryuichi looked at his Scrap-Iron scarecrow as it was destroyed immediately. This meant if Verne had some counter move in mind, he wouldn’t be able to block the attack.

Verne continued, “Now, I use my Saloon’s effect to draw a card and place one from my hand on top of my deck. I summon Westwood Bandit - Bart! Bart’s effect activates. I can draw a card, and if it’s a Westwood monster, I can summon one tuner from either player’s graveyard.” He then picked up and proudly showed Westwood Steer. “Return from the graveyard! Rogue of the Dragonstone.”

Rogue of the Dragonstone suddenly reappeared on the field, only to be caught by a lasso and tied up. She glared at Bart, who held the other end of the rope.

Verne said, “Now, I discard Westwood Steer from my hand to activate its effect, changing Bart’s level to 5. When Westwood Steer is sent from my hand to the graveyard, it is summoned in attack mode. I tune my level five Bart and my level one Steer with Rogue of the Dragonstone. SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL NINE! Westwood Outlaw - Billy! I activate Billy’s effect! By discarding Westwood Steed, I can take one control of one spell or trap card on the field! I choose Archer of the Dragonstone. Westwood Steed’s effect! When it’s sent to the graveyard from my field or hand, I can draw a card. Archer’s Pendulum effect activates! Templar’s attack power drops to zero, and you can draw. Billy attacks your Templar!”

Billy took a shot at Templar of the Dragonstone, instantly dropping Ryuichi’s life points to 5100.

Verne said, “Now I set two face-down cards and end my turn!”

Ryuichi grinned, “My turn! DRAW! I place the Scale 2 Barbarian of the Dragonstone in my scales.”

Verne shouted, “Before you even try anything, I activate my trap! Draw, Partner! If I control a Westwood monster, I can draw a card and reveal it. Depending on whether the revealed card is a monster, spell, or trap, different effects will be applied!”

Verne then showed the card he just drew, Westwood Bandit - Belle.

Verne said, “Monster card! Until the end phase of this turn, my Westwood monsters can’t be targeted by your card effects.”

Ryuichi responded, “Barbarian’s Pendulum effect activates! Because you just drew a card outside your draw phase, I can destroy a card you control. I choose Archer of the Dragonstone. When a Pendulum card on the field is destroyed, it returns to its opponent’s extra deck face-up.”

Gongenzaka said, “Wait. He destroyed Archer of the Dragonstone first... that means!”

Ryuichi continued, “Using the Scale 2 Barbarian of the Dragonstone and the Scale 4 Healer of the Dragonstone, I can special summon as many level 3 monsters as I need! PENDULUM SUMMON! From my hand, Pyrewhisp of the Dragonstone, along with Archer of the Dragonstone from my Extra Deck!”

Verne shouted, “But that Archer was destroyed! How did you just summon it back?”

Ryuichi said, “That’s how Pendulum works. Even when stopped, it can be made to sway once more. Also, because I special summoned a spellcaster, Rogue of the Dragonstone can revive herself from the graveyard. You get to draw!”

Verne hesitantly drew a card, knowing exactly what was about to happen.

Ryuichi shouted, “Barbarian’s effect destroys that last face-down card while Healer’s effect lets me draw two. Because you have four cards in your hand, I can increase my Archer’s level by two! I tune my level five Archer of the Dragonstone with my level three Rogue of the Dragonstone. SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL EIGHT! Berserker of the Dragonstone!”

Gongenzaka wondered... throughout this entire duel, he had only seen run-of-the-mill Synchro summoning. Except with some Pendulum summoning mixed in on Ryuichi’s side.

Ryuichi continued, “I might not be able to target Billy with any card effects this turn, but I can do this! BERSERKER! ATTACK!”

Berserker of the Dragonstone lunged forward, striking fiercely at Billy. Suddenly, Verne’s life points fell to 5100.

Ryuichi said, “I leave a face-down monster and end my turn.”

Verne said, “My turn! DRAW! I banish Galaxy Cyclone from my graveyard to destroy Healer of the Dragonstone! I can’t have you boosting your own card advantage so easily. Next, I summon Westwood Bandit - Belle!”

Ryuichi thought to himself. He has to take a risk here. His Westwood monsters usually have some kind of backfire if he doesn’t draw the card he needs. He said, “Go on!”

Verne continued, “Next, I discard one card to use Belle’s effect and take control of your Berserker However, Berserker will return to your extra deck at the end of the turn! Berserker’s effect! I target the card you clearly thought about using against Belle, and seal it. You can draw now. Next, I summon Westwood Bandit - Blue Duck. By applying Blue Duck’s effect to Berserker of the Dragonstone, it can’t be returned to the hand this turn. I tune my level four Belle with my level three Blue Duck! SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL SEVEN! Westwood Outlaw - Jesse! When Jesse is successfully Synchro Summoned, I select one monster I control and inflict damage to my opponent equal to that monster’s attack power. Then, I gain the same amount of life points for myself. Obviously, I’ll go with the monster with highest attack power. BERSERKER OF THE DRAGONSTONE!”

A powerful energy resonated from the outlaw monster on the field, one that dropped Ryuichi’s life points to 2100. Meanwhile, Verne’s life points jumped to 8100

Verne shouted, “Jesse and the Berserker here will clear out those monsters!”

Berserker of the Dragonstone then attacked Pyrewhisp while Bard of the Dragonstone was destroyed in battle by Jesse. Had even one of those monsters been in attack mode, Ryuichi’s life points could have been dropped to 0.

Verne smugly pointed out, “Next turn, if I can summon another copy of Jesse, I’ll be able to take out the rest of your life points without even attacking. Over to you!”

Gongenzaka thought to himself, “Does he even have the potential to deal 8100 damage in one turn?”

Ryuichi shouted, “My turn, DRAW!”

A strange lightness of mood suddenly struck the area. As if there was something in the works here.

Ryuichi shouted, “I place Dancer of the Dragonstone in the scales. Both of us draw a card. And Barbarian’s pendulum effect activates. I destroy that useless Fiendish Chain.”

Verne said, “Just like old times. I never could count you out.”

Ryuichi shouted, “Anyone who knows how to use Accel Synchro will tell you... never underestimate level 1 tuners. I summon Squire of the Dragonstone! Using Squire’s effect, I special summon Sorcerer of the Dragonstone from my grave. Rogue’s effect! Because I special summoned a spellcaster, I can revive her and give you an extra draw. Now, Pendulum Summon! Two copies of Archer of the Dragonstone!”

Gongenzaka thought to himself... if Ryuichi raises their levels, he probably wouldn’t be able to use the combination of tuners to turn this in his favor.

Ryuichi said, “Next, I’ll adjust the levels of my archers... reducing both of their levels to one! I tune my level one Archer of the Dragonstone with my level one Squire of the Dragonstone. SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL TWO! Sage of the Dragonstone!”

Both Verne and Gongenzaka stared at the frail old wizard monster Ryuichi just summoned. Not only was it only level two, but it wasn’t even a tuner.”

Ryuichi continued, “Next, I tune my level one Archer of the Dragonstone with my level three Princess of the Dragonstone! SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL FOUR! PRINCESS OF THE DRAGONSTONE! When Princess of the Dragonstone is Synchro Summoned, I can special summon a Dragonstone synchro monster from my graveyard with its attack and defense reduced to zero and its effects negated! I choose Templar of the Dragonstone! You get to draw again!”

Verne knew Ryuichi was definitely up to something. By this point, he could have taken down both monsters with Barbarian’s pendulum effect. However, even he was curious to see just what was about to go down.

Ryuichi took a deep breath and said, “I see it now! Sage of the Dragonstone was the missing piece of the puzzle! TOP CLEAR MIND! I tune my level two Sage of the Dragonstone and my level six Templar of the Dragonstone with my level four Princess of the Dragonstone! DELTA ACCEL SYNCHRO SUMMON!!! LEVEL TWELVE! PROTECTOR OF THE LIGHT - GOLDEN DRAGON HERO!!”

Gongenzaka mumbled, “Delta... Accel!”

Verne laughed, “You didn’t tell me you could pull that off!”

Ryuichi said, “Once per turn, Golden Dragon Hero can banish any number of cards on the field, up to the number of synchro materials used in its summon. And then, it gains half their combined attack power And to top it off, you can draw a card.”

Golden Dragon Hero roared majestically, causing Berserker of the Dragonstone and Westwood Outlaw - Jesse to vanish from the field. Then, Golden Dragon Hero’s attack power jumped to 6950.

Ryuichi shouted, “I use Pyrewhisp’s effect in the graveyard. You draw two cards, then take 300 damage for each card in your hand. That’s 2400!”

Verne’s life points suddenly dropped to 6700 from the effect damage, and his life points were wide open.

Ryuichi shouted, “Golden Dragon Hero! ATTACK DIRECTLY!”

Verne looked at the cards in his hand and laughed as his life points hit 0. He had Mystical Space Typhoon and Westwood Bandit - Bart in his hand. Next turn, given the chance, he would have been easily able to summon another copy of Jesse.

Ryuichi said, “Wow, what were we supposed to be dueling over again?”

Verne answered, “This!” He then tossed a box over to Ryuichi, “Like I said before. You wound up joining Security when it was still a well-respected group by Tops and Commons alike. Me? I got mixed up in the wrong crowd, chased out by members of Security in a raid, and found my way back here with that box.”


Ryuichi spoke into the communication system on his helmet later that night. “We need to minimize the number of Roger’s pawns in the tournament. Send Tetsu over here and I’ll fill him in on the details. We don’t need Roger learning our plans. If this works out right, we might set up a favorable matchup against Sergey.”
Arc-V: Showdown in West Town
So, I decided I would throw in a slight reference to Crash Town in 5D's with another old west town outside the main city. My idea for this is that West Town used to be a tourist hotspot. However, since the people of Tops stopped visiting, everyone had to go to the City to find work and the place is now a shell of its former self, now hosting mostly runaways from Commons who would rather rough it in a ghost town than deal with Security.

And since I have a town themed after the old west, it would only be fitting if at least one duelist running a deck heavily influenced by the real big names of the old west.
I'm looking for a few one-off characters, who will stand against (or for) the invasion forces of Fusion Dimension. However, there are a few things I will need to know.

Name: (this should be obvious)
Home Dimension: (Standard, Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz)
A brief description of your character
And finally, what kind of deck does your your character use. (Be at least somewhat reasonable with this. I know IRL decks are gravitating towards a mix of Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz. However, only Reiji and Reira have been known to use all three. Fusion Dimension spies may be allowed to mix one other extra deck summoning technique with Fusion Summon, depending on which dimension they were trained to infiltrate. I may allow your fanmade archetype, on the grounds that you provide a link to it and it's not broken beyond belief.)

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Sal looked over the warehouse and said, “We’ll keep this duel inside. I’m challenging you for leadership of the Tarantulas. No need to share our change in leadership with the entire world.”

Hotaru said, “There won’t be any change in leadership.”

Sal and Hotaru both activated their duel disks.


Sal: 8000
Hotaru: 8000

Sal said, “I’ll start! I summon Mother Grizzly and activate Greydle Impact. During my End Phase, I can use Greydle Impact to add Greydle Slime to my hand! Turn end!”

Hotaru responded, “My turn! DRAW! I summon Strider of the Tranquil Pond and activate Spring of the Mayflies.

The inside of the warehouse seemed to transform into a natural spring environment.

Hotaru added, “Once per turn, I can pay a multiple of 200 life points to summon any amount of Mayfly Tokens to my hand. However, they’re all destroyed during my end phase and I can only special summon one monster from my extra deck during a turn I use the effect. I summon four Mayfly Tokens.”

As four small monsters appeared alongside Strider of the Tranquil Pond, Hotaru’s life points fell to 7200.

Hotaru declared, “I tune my four Mayfly Tokens with my level two Strider of the Tranquil Pond. SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL SIX! SHADOW SCORPION! Shadow Scorpion attacks Mother Grizzly!”

Shadow Scorpion vanished suddenly, before its tail emerged, striking down Mother Grizzly and reducing Sal’s life points to 7300.

Sal laughed, “Mother Grizzly’s effect activates! I special Summon Greydle Eagle.”

Hotaru said, “I leave two face-down cards and end my turn.”

Sal declared, “My turn! DRAW! I summon Greydle Cobra. Greydle Slime’s effect from my hand. I can destroy Greydle Cobra and Greydle Eagle, then summon Greydle Slime. Greydle Eagle’s effect activates, allowing it to possess your Shadow Scorpion! And when Greydle Slime is summoned by its own effect, I can special summon Greydle Cobra from my graveyard. I tune my level three Greydle Cobra with my level five Greydle Slime. SYNCHRO SUMMON! LEVEL EIGHT! GREYDLE DRAGON! When Greydle Dragon is successfully Synchro Summoned, I can destroy two cards on the field. I choose your face-down card on the left and Spring of the Mayflies.”

Hotaru declared, “I activate Ojama Trio.”

As the appearance of the warehouse returned to normal, three Ojama Tokens appeared beside Shadow Scorpion and Greydle Dragon.

Sal said, “Now all that’s left... Greydle Dragon! Attack directly!”

Hotaru declared, “I activate Locust Swarm!”

Greydle Dragon fired a stream of slime at Hotaru. However, as four Locust Tokens appeared one intercepted Greydle Dragon’s attack.

Sal said, “Shadow Scorpion, use your effect to ATTACK DIRECTLY!”

Hotaru knew her own monster well. She included Shadow Scorpion primarily as a means to take down enemies once she had successfully flooded their fields with tokens, to take them down while they had no means of retaliation. As Shadow Scorpion’s stinger struck her, her life points fell to 5100.

Sal added, “During my End Phase, I add Greydle Alligator to my hand!”

Hotaru shouted, “My turn! DRAW! I summon Shadow Scythe Mantis. Now, I tune my three Locust Tokens with my level four Shadow Scythe Mantis! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Level Seven! Spiral-Horned Rhinoceros Beetle! Now, Spiral-Horned Rhinoceros Beetle attacks Shadow Scorpion!”

Spiral-Horned Rhinoceros Beetle drilled at Shadow Scorpion, dropping Sal’s life points to 6900.

Hotaru said, “When Spiral-Horned Rhinoceros Beetle inflicts Battle Damage, I can draw a card. I set one card face-down and end my turn!”

Sal couldn’t hold back his laughter. He shouted, “It looks like I’ve already won. I summon Greydle Alligator in attack mode. Then, using Greydle Impact’s other effect, I can destroy Greydle Alligator and your face-down card!”

Hotaru shouted, “My Mirror Force!”

Sal laughed, “Greydle Alligator can now possess your Spiral-Horned Rhinoceros Beetle! Greydle Dragon! ATTACK DIRECTLY!”

Greydle Dragon unleashed a devastating attack, reducing Hotaru’s life points to 2100.

Sal continued, “And what a cruel twist of irony to finish you off with your own monster? Spiral-Horned Rhinoceros Beetle, attack directly!”

Hotaru could only watch as Spiral-Horned Rhinoceros Beetle struck her, knocking her into one of the walls of the warehouse. Her Life Points fell to 0.

Sal walked up to Hotaru and said, “I already know exactly where you like to hide that key. What’s the point of selling a deck if the buyer can’t use it? You always hide that key somewhere most of Security would be too nervous to retrieve it, just in case you ever get arrested.”

Hotaru said, “You wouldn’t”

Sal said, “Sometimes, in this business, it’s necessary to take a shameless action. After all, taking another person’s deck isn’t the kindest thing to do. Don’t take this personally, I just need that key.” He then reached for the zipper on Hotaru’s riding suit, and pulled at the zipper. “It’s not here?”

Hotaru kicked Sal away and said, “I already handed it to him” as she zipped up her riding suit. “The plan was to open the box out there and prove we didn’t take any cards out.”

Sal said, “As I said before. Your affections for that particular security member are clouding your judgment. They’re all alike. And even this one is simply using you as bait to arrest the rest of us. You remember how before your little encounter with him, he was obsessed with taking this whole organization down. We stole one little card from his little sister, and that led to him joining Security just so he could have the means to track us down and arrest us. You think spending that little bit of time in his arms would make him simply drop that obsession.”

Hotaru said, “There’s more to it than that. You remember the invasion, right? We were forced to team up with him because there was a much bigger threat right in front of us. We couldn’t have kicked them out of our dimension without his help.”

Sal said, “Yes, but now that they’re gone, we can only go back to being Security’s enemy. You’ll have to choose between us and them... on second thought, I’ll make this one easy. You are no longer a member of this organization! As a parting gift, we’ll let you keep your deck.”


Ryuichi took a call over the communication in his helmet.

A female voice over the helmet said, “I just saw something in the call logs. It looks like the chief contacted the Tarantulas while you were dueling.”

Ryuichi said, “He contacted them? Really? Chief just made a suspicious move there. They needed to bring Yuri into the open when it was discovered that only the chief could get to Yang’s duel disk. Now he makes a real misstep.”

The female voice over the call added, “I also saw him putting a monster card into an envelope. I was able to catch that it had level stars, but the color of the card itself was different. He said it was for 227.”

Ryuichi said, “We’ll have to talk more about the card later, where we know he can’t watch us.”

At that moment, Hotaru stepped out of the warehouse. Her head was hung in shame.


Kyoshiro casually stepped into Leo Akaba’s office, before kneeling down.

Leo said, “We finished analyzing the cards Dennis sent, and used them to make our own prototypes. I would like you and Sophie to test them out when we return to Synchro Dimension.”

Kyoshiro said, “Understood, even if it means trusting Sophie with such an important task.”

Leo then handed a few cards to Kyoshiro and said, “I realize that you and Sophie are not on the best terms after that incident where you had to eliminate her emotional attachment, but I don’t want your little feud to get in the way of the mission.”

Kyoshiro nodded, “Professor, I believe that anyone who would allow their emotions to interfere with the mission is ill-suited to undertake such an important task.”

Leo said, “Would it be any different with you?”

Kyoshiro asked, “What?”

Leo explained, “Your thirst for revenge against that Accel Synchro user can drive you to ignore more important targets. He humiliated you by staining your perfect record. And even when you were faced down by someone who you knew would lead a duel army against me; you did nothing to even try defeating him because you were more worried about your next encounter with that one opponent. So don’t try to tell me that you never let your emotions interfere with the mission at hand. In that regard, you are no better than Sophie.”

Kyoshiro appeared shattered by these words, he had always viewed himself as a perfect soldier. He always followed orders. He was always in line. However, the very notion that even his emotions could cloud his judgment seemed surreal. He actively purged himself of emotional attachments simply so he wouldn’t be distracted from the mission. But the idea that his rage towards one enemy could be just as distracting was too much.

Leo ordered, “Now get to your mission already.”

Kyoshiro then stood up and left Leo’s office, still shaken by Leo’s speech on letting one’s emotions interfere with the mission. He then turned towards Sophie, who stood outside, and said, “We’re going back to Synchro Dimension. We have until the end of the Friendship Cup to make our move.”

Sophie asked, “Why?”

Kyoshiro said, “Our top spy in Synchro Dimension will fill us in on the details.”


Ryuichi stepped into an apartment and declared, “I’m home!”

At that moment, an 18-year-old girl said, “Welcome back!”

Ryuichi said, “Sorry, I brought a guest with me.”

Hotaru then stepped through the doorway, still hanging her head.

The girl shouted, “NO! Bro, you already brought back one moping freeloader. We don’t need another!”

Ryuichi’s sister then glanced towards the couch, where Tetsu was clearly trying in vain to go through some of his spare cards.

Ryuichi said, “I have my own job now, Mom and Dad aren’t here to tell me what to do.”

Hotaru mumbled, “You let your sister live here?”

Ryuichi added, “When she got accepted into Tops University, I was already with Security, so instead of sending her to live with some stranger, Mom and Dad ended up sending her to live with me. The old chief gave her an internship with Security.”

Tetsu finally looked up and said, “Did you bring my deck with you?”

Hotaru said, “There was a little mishap when I went back to get it. One of the guys took away my leadership position and kicked out. Your deck would be who knows where by now if I had the key with me when I went in there.”

Tetsu sighed, “Oh...”

Ryuichi added, “That said, thanks to a tip from someone in this very room, I not only have a good idea just who the buyer is, but a card he sent out.”

Ryuichi’s sister said, “Right! You said we would talk about that now. I know it definitely wasn’t a synchro monster. I had no idea what kind of monster card that was.”

Tetsu set a copy of Gagagigo the Risen on the table and asked, “Was it something like this?”

Ryuichi’s sister said, “No, it had normal-looking level stars, and the frame was more of a purple color. Kinda like a darker version of the frame on trap cards.”

Tetsu said, “Definitely a fusion monster.”

Ryuichi said, “If the monster sent to 227 really is a fusion monster, this could be everything we need to expose Roger as a traitor.”

Tetsu added, “Some of the duelists from Standard also use fusion. We need to prove some connection to Academia and find a way to get back my deck."
Arc-V: Tarantula's Mutiny
Hey, look. I featured an actual deck type again! Mature content warning because Sal tried to steal the key and you know exactly where she hid it!
Dennis looked out the window to the Friendship Cup estate. His curiosity had gotten the better of him, but he needed a way to slip out undetected. He opened the window and looked down. Even with his acrobatic talents, it would still be a very steep fall. Probably too far for him to make it without breaking a bone or two, which would certainly clue tournament officials and the council guard to his escape.

Dennis mumbled, “From what I can tell, Ryuichi is supposed to meet some sexy lady for a duel tonight to win back Tetsu-san’s deck.”

He began pacing around nervously before remembering something he heard before. Whenever the local TV station gets word of a riding duel, they go to cover it. Yuya’s exhibition duel ended already, so there would be a chance it would get on the air once they started. He reached for the TV remote, before pausing.

“It’s just not the same as really being there to see her in person.”


Ryuichi’s D-Wheel approached a magnificently designed bridge The shape of the bridge appeared to have a branching point in the middle, that led in three different directions, fitting for the three-headed ice dragon it was named after.

Hotaru laughed, “I wonder just how many bridges you had to check before you got here. I wondered if he would get the name right, especially since he’s never heard of the dragons of the Ice Barrier.”

Ryuichi said, “You brought the deck with you, right?”

Hotaru laughed, “Not exactly. I locked it up in a box back at our hideout, but I have the only key with me.”

Hotaru held up a small key, showing it off proudly to Ryuichi. Ryuichi could only reach with surprise as Hotaru then unzipped her riding suit slightly.

Ryuichi said, “You’re not really gonna”

Before he could even finished saying it, Hotaru dropped the key down the front of her riding suit and zipped it right back up.

Ryuichi said, “I really should have expected you to try that one again.”

Hotaru grinned and winked, “You know you’d like to reach in and take the key.”

Ryuichi thought to himself, “Don’t let her get to you! She used those tricks to sneak away last time.”

Hotaru asked, “Flustered already? You’ve already seen so much more of me, Ryuichi.”

Ryuichi said, “Let’s just get this duel started, already.”

Hotaru rushed to her D-Wheel and said, “Just try to catch me.”

Both then rode off, making their way to the duel route.


A helicopter soon was spotted hovering over the duel, and on board, Melissa Clare shouted, “After the amazing display of power put on by Jack Atlas, we have received word of a riding duel in development. Is that? I can’t believe it! The cowboy of Security himself rides again! And his opponent appears to be none other than the legendary queen of the Tarantulas, Hotaru Kasumori!”


Dennis, sitting in his room, looked at the close-up shown on his TV, whistling, “She’s quite the bombshell!” Seemingly failing to notice a line of red running down from his nose.

Meanwhile, in the next room over, Gongenzaka overhears this and becomes interested in watching the duel. As he sees the two racing for the right to take the first turn, he falls back with a nosebleed of his own.

Dennis shouted, “Gon-chan, you watching too?”

Gongenzaka could only mumble, “I see why he got distracted.”


Ryuichi and Hotaru raced to the first turn, each vying for the right to the first move. Hotaru then slipped around the corner before Ryuichi could.

Hotaru declared, “My turn! I play Ominous Buzzing to give you two Scarab Tokens. Then, I set a face-down monster and a face-down card. Turn end!”

Ryuichi started, “My turn! DRAW!”

Hotaru responded, “Before you even try anything, I activate Ojama Trio!”

Ryuichi was now surrounded by monsters, none of which he placed on the field. The two Scarab Tokens were front and center, but the three Ojama Tokens made it so he didn’t have any room for his own monsters. He could only look at his hand, not seeing Barbarian of the Dragonstone, and declare, “Turn end!”

Melissa shouted, “AAHHH! Things are looking down. Even among Commons, the Tarantulas have a bad reputation. I’m sure the city will unite to cheer for Security this time!”

Hotaru declared, “First, I activate Bookworm Infestation. I can block off one open spell and trap zone for each token on your side of the field. In this case, all five. This is how I keep Fusion from standing a chance against me. Now, I flip summon Dandylion. Next, I summon Token-Eating Antlion. I’ll destroy two Ojama tokens to raise my Token-Eating Antlion’s level to three!”

As two of the Ojama Tokens were dragged into a sand trap, the lingering effect of Ojama Trio dropped Ryuichi’s life points to 7400 while Hotaru’s tuner increased its own level to three.

Hotaru continued, “I tune my level three Dandylion with my level three Token-Eating Antlion! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Level Six! Shadow Scorpion!”

A shadowy monster emerges and stares at Ryuichi.

Hotaru added, “Dandylion’s effect, I get two fluff tokens for myself. And my Shadow Scorpion can attack directly if all of your monsters are tokens!”

Shadow Scorpion readied its tail, and struck at Ryuichi, completely ignoring the tokens. As Ryuichi took the hit, his life points fell to 5300.

Hotaru declared, “Turn end!”


At a bar in commons, several people are watching the screen.

“YEAH! Show that Security what Commons is made of!”

“In this particular case, I might actually cheer for the Security. My deck was stolen by the Tarantulas and I haven’t been able to put together a new one yet.”

“What! Cheering for a duel chaser? Are you out of your mind?”


Ryuichi laughed, “I think you gave me more breathing room than you wanted. My turn! Draw!” He looked at Barbarian of the Dragonstone, realizing the card would have to fulfill a different now that he finally had it. “I place Barbarian of the Dragonstone and Healer of the Dragonstone in the scales! Now, PENDULUM SUMMON! Rogue of the Dragonstone! Archer of the Dragonstone! I tune my level three Archer of the Dragonstone with my level three Rogue of the Dragonstone! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Level Six! Templar of the Dragonstone! Now! Templar! Attack Shadow Scorpion!”

Templar of the Dragonstone rushed in and cut at Shadow Scorpion, reducing Hotaru’s life points to 7300.

Ryuichi continued, “When Templar of the Dragonstone inflicts battle damage, you can draw. And, that draw triggers both Pendulum Effects! Barbarian’s effect destroys Bookworm Infestation and Healer lets me draw two!”

Hotaru said, “So, it’s true that you picked up some of those Pendulum cards, and it looks like they help to cover your glaring weakness.”

Ryuichi said, “That’s right. Turn end!”

Melissa shouted into her microphone, “And there you have it! He may shrug off protocol every so often, but he just took a huge advantage over the queen of the Tarantulas by making use of the sweeping new ability known as Pendulum Summon!”

Hotaru looked at her hand. Even though she had Shadow Scythe Mantis in hand, summoning it would be a mistake and at best could give her another Shadow Scorpion, not exactly in a position to attack directly. She declared, “I play Cricket Chorus! Summoning three Chirping Cricket Tokens to my side! Turn end!”

Ryuichi shouted, “Fine! I summon Swordsman of the Dragonstone! Now! TEMPLAR! SWORDSMAN! Attack those Cricket Tokens! Turn end!”

Hotaru said, “You might have been able to stop this by not attacking. My turn! Draw! I summon Shadow Scythe Mantis! I tune both Fluff Tokens and my last remaining Chirping Cricket Token with my level four Shadow Scythe Mantis! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Level eight! Queen of the Desert Swarm! Now, attack Swordsman of the Dragonstone!”

Queen of the Desert Swarm struck down Swordsman of the Dragonstone brilliantly, leaving behind one Larva Token in Swordsman’s place and taking Ryuichi’s life points down to 4050.

Melissa announced, “With both Synchro monsters tied in terms of attack power, this duel is really getting tense.”

Hotaru declared, “Turn end!”

Ryuichi said, “I play Onset of the Chosen Heroes, adding Squire of the Dragonstone to my hand! Turn end!”

Hotaru laughed, “During your end phase, I activate Lethal Stinger to give myself two Wasp Tokens. My turn! Draw! I activate Tuning Antennae. With this, I can treat two tokens I control as Tuners. This is where I take back control of this duel! I tune my level eight Queen of the Desert Swarm with both level two Wasp Tokens. DOUBLE TUNING! From the depths of a great magma pit, the queen takes on her strongest form! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Level Twelve! Queen of the Volcano Swarm! With her power increase, she strikes down on those who oppose her! ATTACK! Templar of the Dragonstone!”

Queen of the Volcano Swarm launched a fearsome strike against Templar of the Dragonstone. However, Templar’s 2800 ATK wasn’t near enough to contend with Queen of the Volcanic Swarm’s 5800 ATK. The attack destroyed Templar instantly, placing an Igneous Larva Token in its place and reducing Ryuichi’s life points to 1050. To add to the fire, Queen of the Volcanic Swarm increased her own ATK to 6300.

Hotaru said, “Turn end!”

Melissa shouted, “A devastatingly powerful monster appears, set to keep this duel under her complete control. The hapless cowboy can’t help but watch as his field is once again buried in tokens!”

Ryuichi shouted, “My turn! DRAW! I place one face-down card and end my turn!”

Hotaru declared, “I used Battle Mania to stop your friend in his tracks. This time, I drew a card that will give me the chance at finishing this without waiting until your turn, although I’ll have to destroy the very source of my monster’s immense power.”

This could be it. Ryuichi realized that with five tokens occupying his side of the field and Queen of the Volcano Swarm looming over him to make sure other monsters can’t prove a threat, this could very well be the end of the duel.

Hotaru declared, “I play Token Thanksgiving! Destroying all five tokens and increasing my own life points by 4000. Since you still have one Ojama Token, you’ll have to take 300 damage!”

In a bright flash, the five tokens standing between Ryuichi and Queen of the Volcano Swarm vanished, increasing Hotaru’s life points to 11300 while Ryuichi’s life points dropped to 750 and Queen of the Volcano Swarm’s attack power dropped to its original 3800.

Melissa shouted, “This could be it! Queen of the Volcano Swarm is open for a direct attack. IT’S ALL OVER!!!”

Hotaru declared, “Queen of the Volcano Swarm! ATTACK DIRECTLY!”

Ryuichi declares, “I activate Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!”

Hotaru shouted, “But how?”

Ryuichi said, “Don’t underestimate me. You’ve just made your last fatal mistake by clearing my field.”

Melissa said, “Even though he managed to save his life points from this attack, can he manage a turnaround at this point, even with that devastating level 12 Synchro monster looming over him.”

Hotaru looked at the last card in her hand and declared, “I set one card face-down and end my turn. But I have to warn you. That barbarian won’t help you get rid of my monster. She’s immune to destruction by card effects!”

Ryuichi said, “I know. I have something else in mind for her. My turn! DRAW! PENDULUM SUMMON! Archer of the Dragonstone from my extra deck, along with Dancer of the Dragonstone and Sorcerer of the Dragonstone from my hand. Because my Sorcerer and Dancer were special summoned, I can special summon Rogue of the Dragonstone from my graveyard, you can draw now!”

Hotaru drew a card, then watched as her face-down Mirror Force was destroyed before her eyes and Ryuichi drew two more cards. All the while, Rogue of the Dragonstone began tightly hugging Sorcerer of the Dragonstone.

Ryuichi declared, “I tune my level three Sorcerer of the Dragonstone with my level three Rogue of the Dragonstone! Synchro Summon! Wizard of the Dragonstone! Now, I summon  Squire of the Dragonstone! With Squire’s effect, I revive Swordsman of the Dragonstone. I tune my level three Dancer of the Dragonstone with my level one Squire of the Dragonstone! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Princess of the Dragonstone! With her effect, Princess of the Dragonstone revives Templar of the Dragonstone with his attack and defense reduced to 0 and his effect negated. You can draw! Now! CLEAR MIND!”

Melissa Claire shouted, “Clear Mind? You viewers at home know exactly what that means!”


Gongenzaka looked at the TV in front of him, realizing that what he was about to see was no ordinary synchro summon. And on the other side of the wall, Dennis suddenly took on a serious face, as if trying to take notes as to exactly what was happening.


Hotaru knew exactly which monster would be showing up now, and it also made sense why Ryuichi didn’t simply use Wizard’s effect right away to force Queen of the Volcano Swarm back to her extra deck.

Ryuichi continued, “I tune my level six Templar of the Dragonstone with my level four Princess of the Dragonstone. Unite the souls of the many to awaken a hero! ACCEL SYNCHRO SUMMON! AWAKENED DRAGON HERO!”

The bright light from Awakened Dragon Hero emerging with 3400 ATK seemed small at first compared to Queen of the Volcano Swarm’s 3800 ATK, but Awakened Dragon Hero had allies present who could help.

Ryuichi declared, “Now! Wizard of the Dragonstone’s effect! I return Queen of the Volcano Swarm to your extra deck. Then you can draw. Awakened Dragon Hero powers up! Swordsman of the Dragonstone’s effect! I special summon another copy of Sorcerer of the Dragonstone from my deck and give you another draw. Awakened Dragon Hero obtains power once again! Now, ALL TOGETHER! DIRECT ATTACK!!!

The combined ATK of the five monsters at this point was 11650, only 350 points higher than Hotaru’s life points. Hotaru had lost.

Hotaru said, “Well played. As promised, I’ll hand over the deck we took.”

The two then rode off to the warehouse districts, leaving everyone in the helicopter confused.

Melissa Claire asked, “Isn’t he going to arrest her this time?”

The co-pilot said, “I just got a signal. It looks like they’re retrieving stolen goods first.”

Melissa said, “What?”


Jean Michel Roger sat in his office, wondering about the whole situation. He looked behind him and said, “The Tarantulas are certainly a huge threat to the full invasion, having prior experience against us and refusing to play along with our cover-up. Thieves they may be, but even they would be eager to fend off a full-scale invasion.”

The mysterious figure standing behind him nodded.

Jean continued, “However, the right purchase could destabilize them enough to make them a non-threat and perhaps even inspire a change in leadership.”


Hotaru stepped into the warehouse and said, “He won. As agreed, he gets his lookalike’s deck.”

One of the members of the Tarantulas said, “About that deck. Someone approached us with a lot of money. We need the key back to complete the sale.”

Hotaru said, “I told you guys we weren’t selling that deck unless I won.”

The one member said, “Your affections for that one Security guy are clouding your judgments. This deck could be our big payoff and you’re ruining the opportunity of a lifetime trying to get Matsuhara to hold you in his arms once more.”

Hotaru protested, “It’s not like that! One thing led to another and it was just a meaningless one-time... thing. Now who made the offer, Sal?”

Sal declared, “We never rat out customers. That’s the first rule of the Tarantulas.”
Arc-V: Clash for the Stolen Deck
The original idea was that Dennis and Gongenzaka follow Ryuichi to the site of the duel. Gongenzaka would call Dennis out for being a pervert, but Dennis will respond by pointing out Gongenzaka's nosebleed in a classic not so above it all moment. However, the building where Friendship Cup competitors stay is too high up and too secure about keeping competitors in. Trying to follow continuity to a small extent resulted in killing a funny scene.


United States
I'm looking for a few one-off characters, who will stand against (or for) the invasion forces of Fusion Dimension. However, there are a few things I will need to know.

Name: (this should be obvious)
Home Dimension: (Standard, Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz)
A brief description of your character
And finally, what kind of deck does your your character use. (Be at least somewhat reasonable with this. I know IRL decks are gravitating towards a mix of Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz. However, only Reiji and Reira have been known to use all three. Fusion Dimension spies may be allowed to mix one other extra deck summoning technique with Fusion Summon, depending on which dimension they were trained to infiltrate. I may allow your fanmade archetype, on the grounds that you provide a link to it and it's not broken beyond belief.)

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