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Daichi entered the club room, where Kensuke and Kouta were in the middle of a cardfight.

Kouta said, “I believe this means it’s your turn.”

Kensuke then said, “Final Turn!”

Kouta shouted, “AGAIN!?”

Kensuke continued, “Seek Mate!”

Four trigger units suddenly moved from Kensuke’s drop zone to the top of his deck. Immediately afterwards, from deeper in his deck, a card flew into his hand.

Kensuke declared, “Show the full force of the ever-resonating thunder. LEGION! Big Bang Slash Buster! Legion Skill activated! Big Bang Knuckle Buster will be able to attack four of your units this turn. And, the crossride skill also activates because of the card I put in the soul.”

Kouta said, “Grade four units are superior to crossriding! Why don’t you see that?”

Kensuke said, “I really don’t think we’ll be seeing Nouvellevague in this fight. You’re already at four damage and I have a full formation that you haven’t once done anything about.”

Kouta shouted, “I called Nouvellecritic once... but couldn’t use its skill because I didn’t have Nouvellevague yet.”

Kensuke pointed, “With support from Koumei, LEGION ATTACK!! Your front row and Ashgar are the targets!”

Kouta looked at his hand, then dropped Barri into the middle and discarded a copy of Dragonic Overlord. “PERFECT GUARD! Protecting Dauntless!”

Kouta smirked, looking over Kensuke’s formation. On one side, he figured he could simply stop Lisei and Aak with the copy of Bahr in his hand, while on the other side, he saw Big Bang Slash Dragon and Aak, again, he felt one of the two usable cards for guarding would be enough.

Kensuke said, “Twin Drive!” He first revealed Big Bang Knuckle Dragon, followed by Hardship Brawler, Toshu.

Big Bang Knuckle Buster and Big Bang Slash Buster leapt forward, punching at the formation. Even though, Dauntless himself was protected, a triangular formation around him was retired.

Kensuke said, “Well, I think this is where it ends. Each of my standing rear-guards gains 9000 power.”

Kouta suddenly looked on in horror. Kensuke wasn’t retiring the rear-guards for the sake of slowing down the formation. It was all about getting some power to his two rear-guard columns to make them go above what he could successfully guard.

As each column attacked, another card ended up in Kouta’s damage zone. First was Nouvellecritic Dragon, and the last card in his damage zone was Demonic Dragon Mage, Abarara.

Kouta sighed, “That’s three in a row. I guess I’ll have to make an exception and let you into the club despite your use of Narukami. You could be so much stronger if you used Kagero!”

Kensuke said, “I’m actually better with Narukami than I am with Kagero. Cardfighters should use the clan they worked best with. Before Narukami emerged, I always felt that there was something missing from my Kagero decks. Then, once Narukami burst onto the scene, I started to see my ideal playstyle better.”

Kouta wondered, “Could that be why Daichi struggled with Kagero, only to greatly improve when I let him use Dimension Police?” He pondered the possibility for a second before concluding, “No. That must be a fluke.”

Daichi said, “Senpai really is a great player, right?”

Kensuke hesitantly said, “Um... yeah... so great, I have yet to see him win a fight.”

Suddenly, a fourth member opened the door to the club meeting room. He said, “Guys, I would like you to meet our newest member. Here all the way from Kobe!”

Daichi said, “I’m from Kobe! Do I know this person?”

Kouta said, “Just get on with it, Rai.”

Rai continued, “I would like to introduce Hitomi Kojima!”

A young woman stepped into the room after Rai. Suddenly, Daichi ran and hid behind a chair.

Kensuke asked, “Why are you so scared?”

Daichi answered, “She used to be the sukeban at my high school. I thought going to college in Kyoto would help me get away from her.”

Hitomi said, “Our agreement was that I would only join this club if someone can beat me in a cardfight.”

Rai nodded, “I remember.”

Kouta laughed, “It looks like my chance is finally here. I’ll prove that we’re not a club to be messed with!”

Kensuke pulled Kouta out of the way and said, “Why don’t we let Rai take this. You’re not exactly on a roll today.”

Even though this was his first time meeting Rai, he still figured Rai would have the best chance in this scenario. He didn’t know a thing about Hitomi’s personality, so he didn’t know if she would partially reveal herself to distract Kensuke at a crucial moment. Daichi was already scared of her, because the two had apparently met before. And of course, Kouta wasn’t as strong as he believed he was.

Rai and Hitomi stepped to opposite sides of a table and set up their cards.

Rai grinned, “I bet an angel like you would be playing Angel Feather. Or maybe you’re a delicate flower of Neo Nectar... or... dare I say, a Goddess of Genesis.”

Hitomi smirked, “If I win this, you have to stop with those bad pick-up lines.”

Both then reached for the face-down cards in their vanguard circles. Together, they shouted, “STAND UP! VANGUARD!!!”

In the Nova Grapler arena, Energyraizer and Ancient Dragon, Babysaurus emerged.

Rai was shocked by this revalation. “T-Tachikaze!? I was expecting some cards that reflected your beauty.”

Kouta said, “NO! I am not going to allow Tachikaze in this club!”

Kensuke said, “Looks like an interesting match. Both clans really put the rear-guards to work.”

Rai said, “I’ll start. I ride Jetraizer. Energyraizer moves. Turn end!”

Hitomi responded, “I ride Ancient Dragon, Iguanogorg! With support from Babysaurus, Iguanogorg attacks!”

Rai shouted, “No guard!”

Hitomi shouted, “Drive check!” She then showed Ancient Dragon, Tyrannobite, adding the card to her hand.”

Iguanogorg leapt forward and struck Jetraizer, sending Transraizer to Rai’s damage zone.

Hitomi said, “Turn end!”

Rai said, “Stand and draw! I ride Transraizer! Skill activated! Superior call Phoenix Raizer Flame Wing! Then, I call Carvingraizer. With support from Energyraizer, Flame Wing attacks!”

Phoenix Raizer Flame Wing engulfed its body in fire, then rammed into Iguanogorg, sending Ancient Dragon, Dinocrowd to Hitomi’s damage zone.

Rai continued, “With support from Carvingraizer, Transraizer attacks!”

Hitomi shouted, “Ornithealer will guard!”

Rai said, “Drive check!” revealing Jetraizer from the top of his deck.

Transraizer’s attack barely managed to break past Ornithealer. However, breaking through drained enough energy that it couldn’t hit Iguanogorg.

Hitomi said, “Stand and draw! I ride Ancient Dragon, Dinocrowd! CALL! Tyrannobite and Night Armor. Tyrannobite attacks Flame Wing!”

Rai said, “No guard!”

The semi-mechanical tyrannosaurus charged in and bit down on the phoenix-like robot, causing it to vanish.

Hitomi continued, “With support from Babysaurus, Dinocrowd attacks!”

Rai shouted, “Turboraizer will guard!”

Kensuke wondered, “Are they both trying to set up for that?”

Hitomi grinned, “Drive check!” She then picked up and revealed Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo, adding the card to her hand. “Draw trigger! Power to Dinocrowd!”

Dinocrowd quickly tore through Turboraizer, quickly reaching Transraizer. As the bullets hit, Phoenix Raizer Drill Wing could be seen falling to Rai’s damage zone.

Hitomi shouted, “Now, Night Armor goes in for one more attack!”

Rai said, “No guard!”

The dinosaur quickly struck Transraizer, causing a copy of Meteoraizer to fall to Rai’s damage zone.

Hitomi then grinned, “Turn end!”

Rai said, “Stand and draw! Surpass Perfection and achieve your ultimate form. RIDE! Ultimate Raizer, Mega Flare!”

Kensuke said, “So, he has that ability, too.”

Rai shouted, “CALL!” placing Ultimate Raizer Dual Flare, Phoenix Raizer Drill Wing, and Jetraizer into the three open rear-guard circles.”

Daichi mumbled, “Throughout the entire formation.”

Rai said, “With support from Energyraizer, Drill Wing attacks Tyrannobite!”

Hitomi said, “No guard!”

The crimson and black colored Raizer revved up its drills, striking at the rear-guard. Soon, Ancient Dragon, Tyrannobite fell to Hitomi’s drop zone.

Rai continued, “With support from Carvingraizer, Mega Flare attacks your vanguard!”

Hitomi said, “No guard!”

Rai shouted, “Twin Drive check!” He first revealed Shieldraizer, followed by Battleraizer. “GET! STAND TRIGGER! All effects to Drill Wing”

Kouta grinned, “Nice stand trigger work... wait... WHY WASN’T THAT A CRITICAL TRIGGER?”

Ultimate Raizer Dual Flare rushed in for the strike. Ancient Dragon, Triplasma soon fell to Hitomi’s damage zone.


Hitomi shouted, “Black Cannon Tiger will guard!”

Rai continued, “With support from Jetraizer, Dual Flare attacks!”

Hitomi shouted, “Dinodile will guard!”

Rai said, “Turn end!”

Kensuke said, “She was guarding those attacks for a reason. It’s likely that there was a reason besides pressure behind it those attacks.”

Daichi asked, “Does this mean?”

Kensuke grinned, “Let’s see it in action!”

Hitomi shouted, “Roaring across the battlefield, stomp upon the enemy! RIDE! Ancient Dragon, Tyrannoquake!!”

Rai said, “Things are beginning to look dangerous for me.”

Hitomi shouted “CALL!” Placing Ancient Dragon, Iguanogorg and Ancient Dragon, Triplasma on her two open back-row Rear-guard circles.

Daichi mentioned, “Iguanogorg doesn’t have a unit to boost. How can it accomplish anything?”

Kensuke said, “Just wait.”

Hitomi shouted, “SEEK MATE!!” Soon, the four units in her drop zone flew to the top of her deck, before the topmost one flew into her hand. “With your combined strength, make the battlefield tremble. LEGION! Ancient Dragon, Tyrannobite! With support from Triplasma, Nightarmor attacks your vanguard. Skill activated! By retiring Babysaurus, Nightarmor gains 5000 power and a nice skill. Babysaurus activates its own skill. Superior Call! Ancient Dragon, Tyrannobite!”

Rai said, “I better save it. NO GUARD!”

Nightarmor charged forward and struck at Ultimate Raizer Mega Flare. Transraizer soon fell to Rai’s damage zone.

Hitomi continued, “Nightarmor’s skill activates. I turn the counter-blast I used for Babysaurus back face-up. Now, that Tyrannobite I just called unleashes a solo attack on Dual Flare.”

Rai shouted, “No guard!”

Ultimate Raizer Dual Flare immediately fell to Rai’s drop zone after being bitten by the vicious tyrannosaurus.

Hitomi said, “Now. LEGION ATTACK!!! I retire Tyrannobite for more power. LEGION SKILL! When I retire a unit with the same name as a unit on my vanguard circle, Tyrannoquake gains 5000 more power and a critical. Tyrannobite’s skill! Counter-blast to revive it.

Rai looked at the oncoming attack. 30000 power, critical 2... He knew this is what he was saving it for. “Shieldraizer! QUINTET WALL!!!”

Suddenly, five cards burst forth from the top of Rai’s deck. Raizer Girl, Kate! Transraizer! Turboraizer! Meteoraizer! And finally, Ultimate Raizer Mega Flare! All five cards united their defensive strength against the oncoming assault for 35000 shield.

Hitomi said, “Twin Drive!” She knew that she would need at least a critical trigger, and that was assuming that the unknown card in Rai’s hand was a Grade 3 unit. She slowly revealed the first card, which was Ancient Dragon, Dinodile. “CRITICAL TRIGGER! All effects to my Rear-guard Tyrannobite!” She then reached for one more card, before revealing Ancient Dragon, Paraswall.

Daichi stood back, fearing for Rai, while Kensuke and Kouta could both see it plain as day.

Hitomi shouted, “With support from Iguanogorg, Tyrannobite attacks!!”

Rai shouted, “Guard with Tankraizer and Battleraizer!”

Hitomi could only look at Rai’s empty hand and sigh, “Turn end”

Rai said, “I’ll need a big play, too. Stand and draw! CALL! Cat Butler!!”

Daichi, seeming somewhat depressed by the play, could only say, “THAT’S this Cat Butler card I’ve been hearing about?”

Kouta said, “This should be my first time actually seeing that combo in action.”

Kensuke added, “I think he’s about to put Legion to good use.”

Rai shouted, “Seek Mate!” Four cards flew from Rai’s drop zone to his deck, then a card flew out. “Battling together, Raizers fight their hardest. LEGION! Ultimate Raizer, Dual Flare! First, with support from Jetraizer, Cat Butler attacks!”

Hitomi shouted, “No guard!”

Cat Butler calmly approached the tremendous dinodragon before him, before suddenly swiping a paw at it. A copy of Ancient Dragon, Tyrannoquake fell to Hitomi’s damage zone.

Rai continued, “With support from Energyraizer, Drill Wing attacks!”

Hitomi once again said, “No guard!”

Glowing green drills began to bore into Tyrannoquake. Ancient Dragon, Paraswall fell to Hitomi’s damage zone.

Rai then shouted, “Now with support from Carvingraizer, LEGION ATTACK!!!”


Rai grinned, “Twin Drive!” He looked at the top card of his deck, first revealing Tankraizer. He then picked up and revealed Turboraizer. “STAND TRIGGER! All effects to Drill Wing!”

Kouta said, “It’s not enough...”

Rai said, “Don’t count me out just yet. CAT BUTLER’S SKILL! By retiring Cat Butler, I can stand Dual Flare. Then, because units in Legion fight together, Mega Flare also stands! ONE MORE TIME!! LEGION ATTACK!”

Hitomi shouted, “No guard!” She didn’t exactly have any cards in hand to do anything anyway.

The two Raizers unleashed a massive attack, sending Black Cannon Tiger and Ancient Dragon, Magma Armor to Hitomi’s damage zone.

Rai said, “That was a close one. You almost had me there, but... you remember our agreement.”

Hitomi looked around, then pointed to Kensuke. “Is he actually our team leader?”

Kouta, grinning with a sense of superiority, said, “No, that would be me.”

Kensuke added, “I’m probably better suited to be team powerhouse anyway.”

Hitomi said, “I was in the stands for Dragonheart vs Metal Brothers. Even though I was disappointed that Mitsusada-kun wasn’t there, I was actually impressed by that break ride you pulled off to end the fight.”

Kensuke said, “I’ve had a few matches with Aoi Matsuda. Usually, there’s something big at stake when we face each other.”

Kouta angrily said, “I am twice the player Yamakawa or Mastuda could hope to be. Hell, I bet I could even beat Kenji Mitsusada given the chance!”

Hitomi immediately slapped Kouta and shouted, “YOU WILL NEVER MEASURE UP TO MITSUSADA-KUN! He’s not only stronger than you, he’s drop-dead sexy! If only I could get the chance to meet him in person.”

Daichi suddenly seemed more scared, “I know she’s gushing over a top-class Dimension Police user, but I think she’s scarier like that than when she was trying to beat me up in high school.”

Kensuke looked confused, “Is she Team Caesar’s number one fan? It begs the question as to why she’s using Tachikaze rather than Dimension Police.”

Hitomi then snapped out of her fawning rant and glared at Kensuke, “Tachikaze is important to me for reasons that don’t involve Team Caesar. It’s too personal for me to explain to any of you just yet.”
Rising Vanguards ch 80
Yes, Hitomi is probably the most violent Kenji Mitsusada fangirl ever. And what is the real reason for her connection with Tachikaze? We'll just have to explain that in later chapters. Some might call it cliche. Others might call it sad. But really, if all anyone sees is cliches everywhere, it can be a pain to enjoy anything.

Cardfight!! Vanguard © Bushiroad
Kensuke knocked on a door to a large mansion. He stood back and looked around, knowing that Natsuko's father must be as successful of a lawyer as Yuuji said. The door opened, revealing Yuuji on the other side.

Yuuji said, "Kensuke, how did you know I was here?"

Kensuke answered, "Your mother told me. I'm here to talk about the team."

Yuuji said, "We're in the middle of something right now."

Kensuke said, "I see."

Natsuko suddenly walked up and said, "Oh! Kensuke. Yuuji, did you ask him yet."

Yuuji said, "Oh, right! Do you think you have time to be best man?"

Kensuke asked, "Wait, you're still going through with that?"

Yuuji said, "Well, Natsuko's parents somehow thought she was-"

Before Yuuji could say another word, Natsuko covered his mouth and added, "He doesn't need to know about that."

Kensuke said, "I accept your offer."

Yuuji said, "Thanks, Tetsuya should understand why I didn't want him to be best man this time around."

Kensuke then took a deep breath and said, "I met a cardfighter who shows potential to be really strong."

Natsuko asked, "Ooh, a new girl. Wouldn't Kohaku-chan get jealous?"

Kensuke explained, "Actually, the cardfighter is a guy. But he looks up to this other cardfighter who thinks he's the greatest cardfighter ever. After watching him face Murata, It's pretty clear that his actual skill level is pretty low."

Yuuji nodded, "So, you think it would be wrong to just let this rookie cardfighter fail to live up to his potential because of some player who is all ego and no talent."

Kensuke said, "Yeah!"

Natsuko asked, "Did he face Shirou Murata or Akane Murata?"

Kensuke explained, "Shirou Murata, who was just simply toying with the guy through the entire fight. University of Kyoto doesn't have a very strong cardfight club, from what I can tell, but could end up with two new strong members."

Yuuji said, "It's difficult to imagine you teaming up with Shirou. The guy holds a grudge for Team Dragonheart blocking him out of nationals two years in a row."

Kensuke said, "Don't get your hopes up. That was just the open house and he vaguely hinted at some place Hiroki Kurogane told him about."

Yuuji pointed out, "Speaking of higher education, you should probably also tell Tetsuya about this. We're too busy to keep up team activities for the moment, so I wouldn't mind regrouping for another tournament once we have our personal commitments sorted out."

Kensuke said, "Sounds like a plan."


Kensuke stood outside an apartment, ringing a doorbell. He stood back and waited. So much was going through his mind right now. If Daichi was given the chance to join University of Kyoto’s cardfight club without him, he would. And Kouta would probably bring him back down to where he was before the training. But on the other hand, he would no longer be able to keep the team together if he did join.

The door opened, and out stepped Kei Kobayakawa.

Kei said, “Kensuke-san? What are you doing here?”

Kensuke asked, “Is Tetsuya there?”

Kei answered, “Yeah, but he’s really busy studying for his upcoming entrance exams.”

Kensuke said, “Alright. Just tell him I’m willing to put the team on hold until we have time for it again.”

Kei said, “Wait, what? You’re just going to let your team fall apart! What’s wrong with you?”

Kensuke answered, “There’s a promising upstart, but he really looks up to this all-ego, no-talent player who is on University of Kyoto’s cardfight club. If I don’t also join, the rookie could end up going back to his old ways thanks to that other player. Tetsuya is clearly too busy studying to take time for the team, while Yuuji and Natsuko-san are trying to arrange a wedding after all for some reason they refuse to explain. We’ll get the team back together for the following tournament.”

Kensuke then turned and walked along the walkway, with Kei clearly worried by this.

Kei mumbled, “So we’re not the only team struggling to stay together.”

Kei took out her phone and began calling a number. “Miu-chan, I never got to hear your side of the story. Why don’t you stop by and we can talk.” She paused, giving Miu time to respond. “I wouldn’t do something like that. At least not with Nii-san studying in his room.” She paused again, “I’ll be waiting!”

Kei put her phone away and ran back inside, knocking on a door in the hallway.

Tetsuya opened the door, “What is it this time?”

Kei said, “You let your team fall apart. Yamakawa was just here. Apparently even he has reasons to put the team aside now. He used to be the one person trying to keep your team together, and now he gave up. At least he wants to regroup once everything settles out.”

Tetsuya sighed and scratched his forehead. He was truly speechless about this scolding from his little sister, as if she knows what was going through Kensuke’s head. He asked, “What was Kensuke’s reason?”

Kei said, “Something about a beginner and University of Kyoto’s cardfight club.”

Tetsuya looked at his deck, setting on a shelf. He said, “Kensuke once again found a new power, and once again, I don’t have it yet. Even if I could find time, I’m not sure I can contribute just yet.”


The doorbell rang again, this time with Miu Nakagawa standing outside. Kei was happy to answer the door.

Miu said, “It’s nice that you’re taking my side instead of Nee-chan’s side.”

Kei said, “I haven’t even heard your side of the story yet.”

Miu stepped inside and said, “Maybe it would be best to show you why she tried to kick me off the team.”

Kei said, “Hoshiko-san told me you quit the team.”

Miu stepped over to the coffee table, just big enough for a cardfight, but low enough, that Kei and Miu had to sit on their knees to be at the right height. She took out her deck, setting a single card near the middle of the table face-down. She then shuffled her deck and set her cards down.

Kei, sitting down across the table, took out her own deck and set up as well. The air suddenly became tense. Why did Miu leave the team after all? Was it something to do with her deck?

Kei and Miu shouted, “STAND UP! VANGUARD!”


In the nearby room, Tetsuya clearly heard these familiar words well. He looked back down to the book he had just finished and realized that watching his sister could provide a much-needed break from all the studying.


Kei and Miu flipped their starting vanguards face-up revealing Regalia of Prayer, Pray Angel and Witch of Banquets, Lir.

Kei asked, “Shadow Paladin?”

Miu said, “I wanted to step out of Nee-chan’s shadow, so I changed clans. Nee-chan’s response was to kick me off the team just because I’m not using Genesis anymore.”

Kei said, “Nii-san doesn’t really like Shadow Paladin either, but that’s just on the basis of their sacrifices.”

Miu said, “My build doesn’t really sacrifice too much. It plays games with the opponent, though. I’ll start. I ride Witch of Nostrum, Arianhrod. Lir moves. Next, Arianhrod’s skill to discard and draw. That’s all.”

Kei said, “I ride Witch of Frogs, Melissa. Pray Angel moves. Next, I call Witch of Cats, Cumin. SOUL CHARGE! Cumin attacks Arianhrod!”

Miu said, “Aife will guard!”

Kei continued, “Next, with support from Pray Angel, Melissa attacks!”

Miu said, “No guard!”

Kei shouted, “Drive check!” revealing White Snake Witch, Mint.

Melissa leapt towards Arianhrod, with a large frog in her hands. Tucking the frog under her left arm, she slapped Arianhrod in the face.

Witch of Pursuit, Sekuana fell to Miu’s damage zone.

Kei said, “Turn end!”

Tetsuya stepped out into the open and began to watch the match taking place before him.

Miu said, “Stand and draw! I ride Inspection Witch, Deidre and call Reality Witch, Famm. Famm attacks Melissa!”

Kei said, “Limonccino! Guard!”

Miu continued, “Next, Lir boosts and Deidre attacks!”

Kei said, “No guard!”

Miu grinned, “Drive check!” She then showed Skull Witch, Nemain and added the card to her hand.

As Deidre’s attack struck Melissa, Witch of Oranges, Valencia fell to Kei’s damage zone.

Miu said, “Turn end!”

Kei said, “Stand and draw. I ride Witch of Ravens, Chamomile! I move Cumin to the back row, then call White Snake Witch, Chicory and Witch of Golden Eagles, Jasmine. Jasmine’s counter-blast! SOUL CHARGE! Chicory attacks Famm.”

Miu said, “No guard!”

Chicory rushed at Reality Witch, Famm, striking her with a fierce burst of magic. Famm’s card soon fell to Miu’s drop zone.

Kei continued, “With support from Pray Angel, Chamomile attacks!”

Miu said, “No guard!”

Kei then showed Battle Maiden, Kukurihime, “Critical trigger! Power to Jasmine and the critical goes to Chamomile!”

As two white birds pecked at Deidre, Witch of Enchantment, Fiana and Barrier Witch, Grainne fell to Miu’s damage zone.

Kei continued, “Now, with support from Cumin, Jasmine attacks!”

Miu said, “No guard!”

A golden eagle flew forward on Jasmine’s command, striking at Deidre fiercely. Black Cat Witch, Deidre fell to Kei’s damage zone.

Miu said, “Heal trigger!”

Kei said, “Turn end!”

Tetsuya could only think to himself, “Be careful, this is where Shadow Paladin players usually put the cards that can make sacrifices into play.”

Miu took a deep breath, “Mastery of dark magic, embody the spread of despair. RIDE! Cultus Witch, Rias!”

Rias emerged upon the battlefield from a black haze. As she paged through a large, black spellbook, she could only grin playfully at the Genesis witches before her.”

Miu said, “I call Skull Witch, Nemain. Counter-blast! I discard a card and draw two! Next, I call Witch of Precious Stones, Dana! Soul Blast! You have to replace Chicory with a Grade zero unit from your drop zone! Limonccino will work just fine.”

Kei sat helplessly as Chicory moved from the field to her drop zone. Then, from the drop zone, Limonccino floated out to take her place.

Miu said, “Lir boosts and Rias attacks Chamomile!”

Kei said, “No guard!”

Miu said, “Twin drive!” She first revealed Witch of Nostrum, Arianhrod. Then she showed Black Crow Witch, Eine. “Critical trigger! Power to Nemain and critical to Rias!”

Rias paged through her grimoire, finding a spell she liked. Then, a black energy struck Chamomile. Witch of Big Pots, Laurier and Witch of Sea Eagles, Fennel fell to Kei’s damage zone.

Kei said, “The heal trigger was too quick for a heal, but I’ll still give Chamomile the power.”

Miu responded, “In that case, with Dana’s boost, Nemain attacks Jasmine!”

Kei responded, “Kukurihime! GUARD!”

Miu said, “Turn end!”

Kei said, “Stand and draw! I ride White Snake Witch, Mint! Now, SEEK... Not enough yet.”

She realized it all too well. The only cards in Kei’s drop zone were Kukurihime and Chicory. She didn’t have enough to perform Legion just yet.

Kei said, “Even if I have to wait another turn, don’t count me out! I move Limonccino back and call Witch of Golden Eagles, Jasmine. Counter-blast for another soul charge! With support from Pray Angel, Mint attacks!”

Miu shouted, “No guard!”

Kei responded, “Twin Drive!” She revealed the top card from her deck, Witch of Strawberries, Frambiose. She then took a deep breath and showed the next card, which was Bandit Danny. “Draw trigger! Power to my left Jasmine and I draw!”

Mint leapt forward, casting a spell to strike Rias. As the attack hit, Witch of Nostrum, Arianhrod fell to Miu’s damage zone.

Kei continued, “With support from Limonccino, my left Jasmine attacks!”

Miu said, “No guard!”

Jasmine let her eagle fly, striking at Rias. A copy of Skull Witch, Nemain fell to Miu’s damage zone, making five.

Kei then shouted, “Now! With support from Cumin, my right Jasmine attacks!”

Miu shouted, “I guard with Eine!”

Kei sighed, “Turn end!”

Tetsuya said, “So close.”

Miu then said, “Stand and draw! Rias uses her counter-blast! I choose your Jasmine on the right, and replace her with a Grade zero from the top five cards of your deck.”

Jasmine’s card suddenly moved to the drop zone, only for a copy of Bandit Danny to land in her place.

Miu continued, “Now, I call Inspection Witch, Deidre! Soul Blast! Cumin gets replaced by a Grade Zero unit in your drop zone.”

Suddenly, directly behind Bandit Danny, Cumin was replaced by Kukurihime.

Miu said, “Call, Witch of Nostrum, Arianhrod. Then... SEEK MATE!”

Four cards moved from Miu’s drop zone to the top of her deck, then, the top card from among those four flew into her hand.

Miu continued, “Those who achieve mastery of black magic, harbingers of despair, make your presence known! LEGION! Inspection Witch, Deidre! Legion skill! Sacrificing Nemain, your vanguard loses five thousand power for each of your grade zero rear-guards.”

Rias and Deidre looked at Nemain intently. Suddenly, Nemain’s life force was drained into a black spellbook in Rias’s hand. Then, a curse seemed to fall over Mint, causing her power to drop all the way to -9000.

Kei said, “That’s just like increasing the power of your entire front row.”

Tetsuya was suddenly hit with a flashback of himself laughing menacingly while wearing a nice suit. He held up Stealth Rogue of the Night, Krog. He remembered the thought of sending Hyakki Vogue Reverse with 36000 power to attack Ignition Dragon while Kensuke was at five damage.

Tetsuya mumbled, “Wasn’t he the one who beat me in that fight?”

Miu added, “I call Witch of Enchantment, Fianna. Now, with support from Dana, Fianna attacks!”

Kei shouted, “No guard!”

Fianna struck at Mint, sending Witch of Cats, Cumin to Kei’s damage zone.

Miu continued, “With support from Lir, LEGION ATTACK!”


Miu shouted, “Twin drive!” She first showed Barrier Witch, Grainne. She then proudly showed Witch of Goats, Medb for the second check. “Stand trigger! All effects to Fianna!”

Deidre and Rias conjured up a powerful curse, only for it to crash into  Frambiose’s barrier, failing to hit the weakened Mint.

Miu shouted, “Arianhrod boosts, and my rear-guard Deidre attacks!”

Kei said, “No guard!”

Immediately, Bandit Danny fell to Kei’s damage zone.

Kei said, “Draw trigger! I draw a card and give the power to my vanguard!”

Miu asked, “Too little, too late. Fianna attacks again!”

Kei said, “No, it was just what I needed! GUARD! Laurier! Limonccino! Bandit Danny!”

This moment sparked another flashback to that same turn of his fight with Kensuke. This time, it was to the sight of Seiobo appearing to bail him out after Hyakki Vogue’s attack.

Miu was astonished. Kei had just enough shields thanks to the draw trigger. Not only that, but three copies of the same unit appeared so closely together. It wasn’t impossible, just not very likely. But she could tell by Kei’s exasperated sigh of relief, that it was indeed coincidence. She smiled, “Turn end!”

Kei said, “I guess it all comes down to this, then. FINAL TURN!”

Miu laughed, “With four rear-guards at Grade zero in your formation? You can’t be serious.”

Kei said, “Stand and draw. I send Kukurihime to my soul to give a power boost to Mint. Then, I move Bandit Danny back and call Witch of Sea Eagles, Fennel! Now, SEEK MATE!”

Four cards flew from Kei’s drop zone to her deck, including the three trigger units she had used to help guard through Miu’s final attack. From her deck, a card flew into her hand.

Kei said, “Snakes of healing power, prepare your strength to fight as one. LEGION! Black Snake Witch, Chicory! With support from Limonccino, Jasmine attacks!”

Miu said, “Nemain will guard!”

Kei continued, “With support from Pray Angel, Legion attack!!! Legion skill activated! SOUL BLAST! Mint gets a skill that gives 5000 power to all Witches in my front row, and thanks to the soul blast cost, I can do this! SUPERIOR CALL! Melissa and Chamomile to replace Limonccino and Jasmine!”

Miu shouted, “Grainne! Quintet Wall!”

As Miu turned one face-up card in her damage zone face-down, five cards flew from the top of her deck. Medb, Sekuanna, Famm, Milkre, and Rias all appeared in her guardian circle, for a total of 30,000 shield, just enough to stop this attack providing Kei didn’t get a trigger.

Kei said, “Twin drive check!” She first revealed Witch of Strawberries, Frambiose, followed by Witch of Ravens, Chamomile.

Mint and Chicory sent their snakes forward to break through the guardian units, but in the end, their combined power fell to 8000 against Rias with 11000

Kei said, “With support from Bandit Danny, Fennel attacks!”

Miu looked at Medb and Sekuanna in her hand. She knew she could only guard one of the remaining two attacks, and be forced to bet on a heal trigger for the other. She said, “No guard!”

Fennel released a beautiful eagle to attack Rias. As the eagle’s talons closed in on the Shadow Paladin witch, a copy of Cultus Witch, Rias fell to the sixth spot of Miu’s damage zone.

Miu said, “I guess you still beat me, even after I changed clans. I guess I need to work on getting better with this deck.”

Kei responded, “You almost won. If I hadn’t checked that draw trigger right around the end, I would have been really short on needed shields. But, if Hoshiko-chan told me you quit the team, and you said she kicked you off the team, we really should talk this over with her. You’re way too good to kick off the team over some clan change dispute.”
Rising Vanguards ch 79
Instead of focusing on Rai vs Yuka, I decided to go with another interesting matchup.


Because Dragonheart can't be the ONLY team having difficulty staying together, I decided to add in some family disputes between Hoshiko and Miu. You know, run of the mill dysfunction between the sisters over whether Soul Rebirth should be a single-clan team or to let Miu use her new Shadow Paladin witches.

Cardfight!! Vanguard © Bushiroad


United States
I just thought I'd put this out there for everyone so I can explain myself. This isn't just because of my love of most of the fire-type starters. It actually has a lot to do with the fact that fire-types can be more difficult to obtain otherwise, becoming more of a business decision. While Oshawott was indeed my favorite Unova starter, I felt that my White 2 run overall would be better served by picking Tepig. Why? Because I knew I could simply go to the Driftveil Drawbridge and catch a Ducklett, if necessary, to be my primary water pokemon. In the SoulSilver run I'm currently playing through, I once again picked the fire type over my regional favorite, Totodile. The only time, thus far, that I went ahead and took the water pokemon was in Y. And that was because I knew I could just go on ahead and pick Charmander later, combined with the uncertainty over whether or not a fishing rod will be available before the Elite 4 (yes, I started a Nuzlocke run right from the beginning when only minimal information was available).

And yes, there's the main reason I don't usually start with water type pokemon in nuzlockes. Sure, there are some regions where this makes a huge difference, like Hoenn, where this is the safest way to obtain the well-loved Water/Ground combo. Or perhaps a region like Unova, where the Old Rod and Good Rod are never handed to the player. The main reason I don't usually start with water pokemon is the Old Rod and Good Rod being so easy to get, and fishing in town doesn't count towards an encounter on one of the adjacent routes. Going deeper than that, is when some decent water types can be found simply by surfing. As much as I like the Totodile line, I would accept, in terms of gameplay, if I instead had to beat up opposing fire pokemon with a Gyarados or Poliwrath rather than Feraligatr as opposed to failing my few chances at catching a fire pokemon.

Then, there comes the issue with most grass-types. They're usually easier to seek out than fire types. Maybe not the case in Kanto-based games, where Kindle Road and Pokemon Mansion are wonderful places to catch a fire pokemon in the mid-to-late game. However, grass pokemon are almost as consistently available surrounding Cerulean City. Most players are able to catch an Oddish/Bellsprout on their way to the cape. In Hoenn, once again, we encounter an early game that makes it easy to obtain a grass-type quickly even if you didn't pick Treecko. Headbutting and coating trees in honey can be really great ways to lure in specific grass pokemon if one proves necessary, but the forests in the games that feature those methods ALSO have some nice encounter rates for grass pokemon.

It seems that often, fire pokemon are hardest of the three starter types to obtain in the wild. ESPECIALLY in Diamond and Pearl, where slim pickings means players who do not start with Chimchar are either left with just Ponyta or must attempt to compensate for a lack of fire with other types. Kanto, Hoenn and Unova provide the best chance to obtain a fire pokemon that isn't your starter. Johto has passing opportunity for players who started with Totodile or Chikorita to catch a Vulpix/Growlithe. Let's say a player who started with Chikorita goes to Route 36 only for a male Nidoran to show up first (not caught on route 35, so the most common form of dupes clause can't be invoked). Later, at Route 37 once Whitney is finally defeated, Stantler jumps out to be the first encounter (While Stantler is rare on Route 36, it also hasn't been caught as of yet, so dupes clause again cannot be used). This means the player now has to either find a fire stone for the Eevee obtained from Bill by smashing countless rocks or wait until the slim encounter rate for Ponyta on the approach to Indigo Plateau.

If you don't feel like listening to my advice, good for you, too. The one time I actually did pick the water pokemon for a nuzlocke, I wound up enjoying myself and getting attached to Bud the Greninja, to the point where that experience caused Froakie to surpass Fennekin in my rankings for Kalos starters. If I had known about the old rod and good rod being available when I started the game, I would have run with Fennekin and Bulbasaur instead. Thus, I never would have gotten the opportunity to play using Greninja.

P.S. My Greninja's nickname is based on a certain commercial I found humorous when I was a kid. If you grew up in the 90s, you should remember it.

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